Gulfstream Aeronautical Interior Visualization

Gulfstream Aeronautical Interior Visualization
Contract CG Artist/Modeler
I was contracted onto the CG Art production team and contributed in the following areas:
Conversion of CAD models to realtime assets for use in UE4
Low poly and LOD creation, UV mapping, baking detail maps (Normal, AO, ID maps)
Workflow and pipeline advising
Scene setup and asset optimizations, importing, manual collision setup, I worked with a custom blueprint system that detected touch events on material groups for runtime material customization

SCAD CLC students were given a design challenge by Gulfstream Aerospace to develop a new, immersive customization tool for the visualization of their aircraft interiors. The team redesigned Gulfstream’s existing iPad applications . We delivered an aircraft customization tool that ran on desktop, mobile, and VR.
Supervising faculty Manuel Prada (Visual Effects) and Suanne Fu (ITGM)