Website Works

Various website projects I've contributed to. Full-stack web development, custom theme development, front end and backend programming, original feature and plugins development for Wordpress, design, integration, and hosting for some projects.

Design – Gathered input from client and used client created wireframes to create final design
Develop – I managed all website-related project files, authored and integrated custom solutions, and built the themes from the ground-up.
Content Integration – Organized and migrated existing website content, integrated new content, on-site photography for some projects.
Quality Control – Handled multi-device testing, debugging, and client-revisions.
Client Relations – Managed client relations and alterations.
Full Documentation – I authored thorough documentation for all of the website’s custom and native functionality.

Bayshore Painting, Coastal Connections, and Gamified Systems have all aspects done by me from the ground up. the other sites I contributed to development while working as a website developer in contract with Jester Communications and Progressive Technology.